Radi Vám nalejeme fantastické vína zo Slovenska, alebo zahraničia. Vaše chuťové poháriky rozmaznáme lahodnými syrmi, olivami a mäsovými špecialitami tak, že sa Vám nebude chcieť od nás odísť.

The most popular wine shop in Košice with the longest history

Villa Cassa wine bar is a favourite place of wine lovers. Situated in the historical centre of Košice, where most of the popular evening/night bars, pubs, restaurants and clubs are situated, will charm you with its pleasant atmosphere, great selection of wines and professional staff. In the cosy interior, below the historical vaults of our wine bar, you can enjoy more than 800 types of wine by the best Slovak and foreign producers. Friendly staff will expertly recommend the wine that fits your taste, mood, season or company. The wide selection of wines is complemented by coffee, tea, prestigious Scottish beer, grape distillates and you can also enjoy a variety of snacks, olives, sun-dried tomatoes with baguette, cheese and meat delicacies. If you prefer to drink your wine in private, in addition to the wine bar, there is a shop where you can buy wine as well as genuine Italian products and wine accessories, gift packaging and glasses. We also organise wine tasting presented by leading winemakers, wine tasting of young and rosé wines. In summer, you can enjoy sitting on the summer terrace at the picturesque medieval square until late night.

Wine tasting calendar

  • 6. feb HIC Slovakia, German Rieslings and Californian red wines
  • 20. feb Emozioni, Italian wines
  • 6. mar Repa Winery
  • 20. mar Marvla TINDO, Tekov
  • 10. apr Tokay wines from small producers
  • 24. apr András Mátyás
  • 7. máj Martin Pomfy
  • 22. máj Branislav Nichta

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Comfortable seating

Are you a casual passer-by, a romantic couple, a larger group or a closed company? Any of you will find the right place for consumption of wine and chat with friends on our premises.

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Large selection of wines

In Villa Cassa, each of you will find just the right bottle of wine. Thanks to its wide range, Villa Cassa wine shop will satisfy any connoisseur, we will also advise and help novice wine drinkers choose the right wine… e.g. from Orechova winery.

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Trained staff

Our staff passed sommelier courses, they also have several years of experience and skills in sales and presentation of wine. They regularly participate on wine tasting directly at producers and broaden their knowledge by finding new, lesser-known winemakers.

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Wine tasting

The wine shop offers 2 blocks of wine tasting: spring and autumn. We focus mainly on Slovak wine and we try to offer new, aspiring winemakers. However, we cooperate with some import companies and in cooperation with them, we present all the important wine regions of the world.

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Gourmet specialties

In addition to wide selection of wines, you can also enjoy cheese and meat specialties, snacks complementing wine, such as olives, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted peppers… We offer excellent Slovak fresh cheeses, but also ripened cheeses, and seasonal offers such as spreads.

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Gift wrap and items

A bottle of wine makes a great gift. We therefore offer paper gift bags, various sizes of cardboard and wooden boxes for wine, but also sommelier aids and wine related gifts.


Recent events

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